Fire Starters

‘Ello governers.  Hope all is super for you and yours.  I just touched down from a week of wild west traveling.  I am feeling very inspired and excited about life thanks to a new perspective.  So much to share that I can’t find the words right meow.  One thing however,  an insomniatic evening found me reading “The Guide to Getting It On” from cover to cover.  That, and a few nights of falling asleep to my host turning his woman out, has me burning up.  I pass this on to you.  What is in my head will now be in yours.  The super moon has me dancing……………

Glamour lost its champion yesterday.  Rest peacefully Elizabeth.  Those eyes have burned holes through many a heart.

Don’t ask why.  You know why.

Yes please.

Take me away.  Closer to heaven.