Hmmmm…..that’s purty

“There is no lie, there is no system.  The universe is indifferent.”  Don Draper  (Mad Men)

Cold comfort, eh?

It may just be a knee jerk to all the ugliness in the world but I am just craving pretty.  I want whimsy, I want flirty, I want fantasy.  I want stripped down and raw fabrics that you can dry on the line.  I want simple.  Look to Unabashed apparel for that.  ( The looks below belong in my closet.  Hint hint.

Looking for inspiration?  Get off the couch and go to your local library.  Ask the nice quasi hot nerd at the desk for the back log of National Geographics.  Prepare to be enlightened.  Nothing is as a sexy as man on a sherpa (I’m talking to you Jimmy Chin).

There are wonderful things afoot, I can just feel it.  Despite what is quickly becoming a dire financial situation, I find myself in awe of a brilliant future.  Glad to have you along for the ride.

It’s time to focus on the fecund and the creative.  I know its in me, the wellspring of doing and making.  I just need to strike hard and deep.  Every line, every idea, has a purpose, something bigger than just me, even if only by a little bit.

Hmmmm, pretty……