Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Finally, after false starts and heart breaking deluges of rain and cold, it seems as if Spring may have sprung.  I am aware that just the mere act of writing this may bring on another winter and if it does I will knit you all a rain poncho out of the threads of my moldy words.  And so we begin…..

After two plus weeks of hustling for those duckets behind a lawn mower and trowel I am back in Portland with the intention of staying put.  Still jobless but hopeful that Spring will bring me some prospects.  Stay tuned for a new line of woman’s work wear that I conceptualized with my friend Elisha.  While on bent knee in the mud and muck I fantasized about what I would wear if I were dry and when I realized that I might never be so,  I started on what to wear while I was wet, dirty, and toiling.  I have sketched up some pieces and will start on the material sourcing and color story as soon as I can.  If any of you readers have thoughts on what you would like in tough work wear please let me know.  I know that you all like to work outside for job or joy and would prefer to be well clothed as you do.

I was blessed with tickets to Mos Def for my birthday by one Cambria Rippa.  Oh glory be!  Having been a fan of his music, acting, and face for many moons, you can well imagine my ecstatic shouts of happy at every move he made.  And what moves!  Mr. Mos held a look of blissed out nummerness throughout and moved with the funk and grace of a troubadour.   One of my companions had nothing nice to say about his djs, and though I am inclined to agree in hindsight, I didn’t notice during the show.  All I saw was an extremely well dressed man performing perfectly just for me.  Not to mention all of the eye candy that surrounded me.  Mama likes a little color in her life……..At one point a fella approached me and commented on the superiority of my hind quarters, to which I said, “The lord giveth.”  His reply was lightning quick and just about enough to get my number immediately.  “The lord asketh me to holler at you latereth.”  Yup.

I have been harvesting photos for this blog for a while now and have some that are random enough to never fit into one category.  This is the perfect entry for such things.  The poem is by my favorite, Pablo Neruda.  He writes of ocean and wood, love and earth.  Perfection.

I can write the saddest lines tonight.

Write for example: ‘The night is fractured
and they shiver, blue, those stars, in the distance’

The night wind turns in the sky and sings.
I can write the saddest lines tonight.
I loved her, sometimes she loved me too.

On nights like these I held her in my arms.
I kissed her greatly under the infinite sky.

She loved me, sometimes I loved her too.
How could I not have loved her huge, still eyes.

I can write the saddest lines tonight.
To think I don’t have her, to feel I have lost her.

Hear the vast night, vaster without her.
Lines fall on the soul like dew on the grass.

What does it matter that I couldn’t keep her.
The night is fractured and she is not with me.

That is all. Someone sings far off. Far off,
my soul is not content to have lost her.

As though to reach her, my sight looks for her.
My heart looks for her: she is not with me

The same night whitens, in the same branches.
We, from that time, we are not the same.

-from Twenty Poems of Love