Is it too late?

Maybe I am on the ass end of this trend but I am just toosh over tea kettle for the Pendalton log cabin look.  I know I know.. Portland has finally turned me.  Or maybe it’s my roommates little habit of putting tepees on everything.  The new Pendalton Portland Collection makes me want to hunker down in a bed of Eskimo fur with a deep sea fisher man named Gunter (say it like Gooonter, it sounds better).  It’s hardy and romantic, two things that only usually apply to things like Ernest Hemmingway.  The heritage wools are historical without being boring, the unisex shirts offer shape without that hussy appeal that is commonplace these days.  I think I am going to attempt to the creation of a Pendalton inspired print.  Stay tuned.

The ultra talents at Church and State were tapped to design this beast.  God bless em.  If anyone wants to make a mustang real happy they will buy her this poncho for her upcoming 33 birthday on march 16th.  Drool face killer.

As a side note I wanted to add that Portland style, once slotted as morose, elitist, ok I’ll say it, hipster, is much richer and vibrant than folks will admit.  Go out to the Crown Room (or where ever the kids are going these days) on a Saturday night and you will see that it’s not the dream of the 90’s but the 80’s that is alive in Portland.  I love that neon nerd look.  It may be tired but at least it’s fun.  On the flip side of the krush groove is this yummy native american/New Tex Mex  vibe.  Let’s see what happens if we mix hyphy with worsted wool…………

The guy in this photo has camel toe.