Adorned, darkly

What does it mean when you consider yourself sunny but your taste runs darker than a prairie night?  Upon packing for my trip I found my bag filled to bursting with black, gray, and combinations there of.  I sure do hope it’s not too much an indicator of my mental temperature.  Either way, for your viewing pleasure I have compiled some of my favorite adornments.  All of which lean towards the macabre.  Just pair it with a mini hat and some hammer pants.  No one will accuse you of melancholy.

“Do not go gentle into that good night……..”



Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons eek out a niche that I like to call blasphemous bones.  I really dig the mix of relics and dead things.  Oh, and a key, just cuz it’s cool right now.


Do I love you because your name is Pamela Love?  Or is your name Pamela Love because I love you?  (Lots of love for such dark matter.)  Regardless, Miss Love is hot shit right now and for good reason.  That giant star bracelet is all kinds of awesome.



The creations of Alexander Calder (1898-1976) are wicked smart and prodigal beyond belief.  He used a hammer and not much else to bend, mold, and sculpt pieces that now sit in a museum.  P.S.  Isn’t Angelica Houston lovely?  What a face!



Every once and a while etsy spits out something amazing.  This is one of those times.  Norwegian wood is more than just diy, it is high end goodies for low end duckets.  God bless you!



This man is a god in my book.  Heat up some metal, pour it over the head of a babe, and voile!  What magic!

What’s next folks?  What boundries haven’t yet been pushed within an inch of darkness?  I love you life!  You make such pretty and wonderful things.

I leave you with the fitting words of Edgar Allen Poe…


Thou askest me whence I came, I came o’er the sleeping sea;

It roused at my torrent of storm and flame, And howled aloud in its agony,

And swelled to the sky- that sleepy sea.

-from The Magician