Bodies Undressed

God bless my friends who have been picking up the check, buying my way in, and keeping my spirits up as I bloody my body on this job hunt.  Today my friend gave me some work copying for her law firm, which was surprisingly satisfying.  The rhythm was cathartic and I found myself in an unholy alliance with a massive hunk of heaving, belching copy machine.  There is something to be said for a job you can tackle and actually finish. Who knew?  It is possible that by limiting myself to work that seems exciting is, well, limiting.  After I post these photos of glamorous dames I plan on doing some filing.

P.S….skin is in, pink is the new black.

Imogen Cunningham, one brassy old lassy!
Please lord let me be this cool when I am 80.

I would cut off my arm for this vest.  Spirit of ’71 baybay.

Took my first hoop class on Monday, now I look like this.

I needed nudity today.  So did you.  You are welcome.


Mustang Josi