I hear you knocking

I have this friend who consistently chastises me for not taken the bedraggled body of our world seriously enough.  She tells me that I am blind to the state of affairs outside of my door.  She’s right.  The windows to my soul point up not out and my door stays firmly closed against the rising tides of despair.  There is this constant onslaught of information, some of which keeps me current, the rest of which makes me want to grab a razor.  It’s like pricking a hole in a balloon, the air doesn’t just squeak out, the whole thing blows up in your face.  Scaring you half to death and leaving you without a balloon to fly away on.    As I do my best to keep the worlds troubles at a manageable trickle, I am taken by the need to balance it with things that comfort me.  Like teen love movies and Jodeci.   (I will not apologize for being nostalgic, so don’t even bother.)  So today, on a day when the world is heaving with revolution and Portland is (embarrassingly) having a snow crisis, let us find some joy in something aside from self mutilation.   In reference to the media deluge that you are faced with……

Just remember, when you dance with the devil, you don’t change the devil, the devil changes you.

It is amazing how great photography eliminates the need for editing.  You can’t confuse talented camera work with photoshop.   Some photogs worth checking out- Ellen Rogers, Saga Sig, Sally Mann, Elliot Lee Hazel, Imogen Cunningham…all of which will be shown on this blog ad nauseaum.

I never tire of female nudity, flesh, paint, or painted flesh…

Or pretty geometry.