Mind Bottled: Part One

I love lists.  Sometimes I make one just to remind myself to make one.  Of course, like all card carrying procrastinators, I get to thing one and then it’s SQUIRREL!  And off I go.  That doesn’t’ change the fact that to make a list makes me feel all buttoned up and organized.  I have been wanting to do some reviewing for y0u and since I am about a year behind on the new new I will just hit you with my list of…….



1) The Abyss- the James Cameron flick made in ’89

After I got used to the suffocating feeling I had from the constant under water scenage I was able to get on board with the story. I am confident that most of you have seen this so I will spare the footnotes.  It was formulaic only in the most entertaining of ways and in its innocence it spoke to the most basic of truths.  We are taking a giant shat on mother earth and we should probably knock it off.  If the movie had been made now I reckon that the underwater lifebeings would have went through with the washing away of humanity.  Would you blame ’em?

2) The concerts I went to this last month: Mos Def and Devil Makes Three.

Easy like Sunday evening.  A consummate pro at life.

There is nothing as powerful as being at a show with a thousand people that know all of the words.  Goose bumps the entire time.  All despite the wet blanket beside me that looked like she would rather be at home watching dancing with the stars or the bachelor.  I wanted to shove a banjo down her throat.  Instead I just sang all the words in her ear and danced like my boots were on fire.

3) Soft Core Porn Disguised As Earnest Cinema (i.e Spartacus/Trueblood/The Tudors, etc.)


You won’t believe me but I promise you that this show is surprisingly fleshed out and compelling.  There is nothing wrong with dipping my history lessons in a little sugar, is there?  A friend once asked me what I saw in t.v like this and the only answer I had at the time was an echo of my dad, “because I said so!”  The bigger truth is that I like titillation, loosely drawn historical themes and drama, together.  I can glide between genres of music with some semblance of ease so why not with celluloid?  I have sat through enough indie swill to earn the right to oogle some roman flesh.

4) National Geographic

Our world is blessed to have this stunning and diligent documentation of all the wonders in it.  I am always inspired and bettered by what I find in its glossy pages.  Hopefully the aliens find NG instead of People when they come to check us out.  I send out a giant thank you to everyone that has been involved in this institution.  May we venture to be interesting enough to keep you superstars busy.

I found this amazing tumblr account that is operated by a fella that scans all his NG’s for our viewing pleasure.  Peep it for some eye and brain food.  http://onyxearth.tumblr.com/

5) Nostalgia. Perhaps I am underwhelmed with the new or maybe as I age (like a fine cheese) I find comfort in the familiar.  Who knows.  Maybe its old De La tracks, high school reunions, or a dab of Obsession for Men on my pillow. Whatever it may be, I likes it old school.

Oh hells yeah!

To let it all go.  Me, SoCo, and my girls.

I used to write him a letter a week when I was eleven.  Lost Boys is still in constant rotation.  I wish that someone had had the sense to encase him in amber before he hit 17.

Alright then.  Stay tuned for Part Deux.

Love Allways,


Hmmmm…..that’s purty

“There is no lie, there is no system.  The universe is indifferent.”  Don Draper  (Mad Men)

Cold comfort, eh?

It may just be a knee jerk to all the ugliness in the world but I am just craving pretty.  I want whimsy, I want flirty, I want fantasy.  I want stripped down and raw fabrics that you can dry on the line.  I want simple.  Look to Unabashed apparel for that.  (http://unabashedapparel.com/) The looks below belong in my closet.  Hint hint.

Looking for inspiration?  Get off the couch and go to your local library.  Ask the nice quasi hot nerd at the desk for the back log of National Geographics.  Prepare to be enlightened.  Nothing is as a sexy as man on a sherpa (I’m talking to you Jimmy Chin).

There are wonderful things afoot, I can just feel it.  Despite what is quickly becoming a dire financial situation, I find myself in awe of a brilliant future.  Glad to have you along for the ride.

It’s time to focus on the fecund and the creative.  I know its in me, the wellspring of doing and making.  I just need to strike hard and deep.  Every line, every idea, has a purpose, something bigger than just me, even if only by a little bit.

Hmmmm, pretty……