Mind Bottled: Part Deux-The Closet

Why did I go to design school?  Why do I run, crunch, and struggle through push ups? Why do I rubber neck my way through life?  Why I spend a kings ransom on festivals and tom foolery?  One word.  Iloveclothing.  Piles of clothing mark the places on my bedroom floor where I decided that I needed to wear shorts instead of leggings or some other such item.  It looks like a small army disintegrated into thin air leaving only their clothing.  My getting ready process is a aria of color and frustration that crescendos with an ecstatic launch into the living room where I twirl and pout into the full length.   A great love indeed.

Without further ado, the final five in my list of things I am loving right now.  Come out of the closet my dear ones……

6) The Dapper Man Piece.  I am insanely inspired by the dandy style, that cocked hat, that early bespoke tailoring.  It says I give a hoot but I still came to party.  Day-em!

7) Throwback silhouettes.  Hearkening back to a time when naughtiness was suggested and implied, not forced.  I have been seeing some yummy bell bottoms making their way back into the periphery and I am pleased.  Very pleased.


8 ) Something wicked this way comes.  Gareth Pugh.  Strange and wonderful things that make me feel.

9) Homesteadin’ with Hils and Kate.  Grab you a young grizzly Adam, a jug of xx hooch, a poplin circle skirt, and get your hind parts down to the barn for some do-see-do’n.

10) Kate Moss.  Every stitch that adorns her body is glorious.  I am sure that when she finally kicks over from all that blow and bulimia she will be remembered as more that just a model. She comes the closest to being my fashion mecca, I kneel down and pray in her direction every day at noon.

There you have it.  I hope you enjoyed.  Tomorrow night is the Portland Prom and if my first prom was any indication of how this one will go, well, let us hope for the best.


Ooohhhh, bonus….