Physical Graffiti

At the Backspace gallery in Portland is this show that I believe is being curated by my pal Ashley Montague (who is an ill artist his own damn self) and in this show is some graff-ish work by this barrel of a man Jason Fritz.  I haven’t met him yet but plan on it.  I will woo him with my witty tapdancing blah blah-ing and soon he will feel compelled to give me some original piece that I will hang over my bed.  I digress.  Fritzs work has this interesting desperation about it.  Urgency or something like it.   He mixes the crisp lines of industrial graffiti and the muddy slashing of a tortured cellar artist.  I fucking love it.  I scoured the net for a web site or someway that folks can view his canon but no dice.  He’s on face book, with the rest of the free world, and goes by alter one.  Clever little man.