Seven falls, eight getting up

The footage from Japan is mind numbing and gut wrenching all at once, if that is even possible.  I want to cry, run, hide, fight, flip the fuck out.   That village that was washed into the sea is now being spit out by that same merciless drink, the dead floating onto the beaches they fished in life but one day ago.  The horror I feel at seeing the headlines of this tragedy sandwiched between the inane one liners of Charlie Sheen is beyond explanation.  There is no need to wallow in the miseries of the world but there is also no good reason to fan the flames of empty celebrity in the name of entertainment.  Let us reward the do betters with our attention and leave the babbling babies to their dirty diapers and tantrums.  Trade TMZ for TED.  If we ignore them they will go away.  I promise.

If the sights and sounds of Japan’s nightmare hasn’t made this clear to you yet, I will reiterate:  Be ready, be loving, be kind, be fair, and remind the ones you love that you will be all of these things for them, forever.