My Ching: Feb.3 2014

Well hi there!  I must say that this little side project has been seriously cathartic and I anticipate doing it until I don’t need it anymore.  However, my dear friend Kate turned me onto this little IChing site and long story short, it basically told me (and you) that this next cycle/week is a time of no words.  It is a week do allow the “work” I’ve done to nourish and replenish.  As luck would have it I am heading to Portland for the remainder of the week and will be immersed in making the stories that I will share with you once it’s time.

I have listened to this strange surfer hippy guy interpret the IChing for this week repeatedly and it is oddly soothing.  It also resonates with me in a way that is shocking and illuminating.  You should check it out.

Love you all,


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