Blocked: 35 yrs. old

Today was the first day since I started this little endeavor that I feel totally blank on what to share.  I have been sleeping very poorly and waking up at three am with the most bizarre anxiety.  It usually takes me about an hour to settle back in and then I am up at 6ish.  There was a time when all I wanted was that ‘get up early and get a rad day going’ ability.  There was a time when waking up early was a mythical possibility that I strove for.  Sort of.

Today’s tale is about tomorrow.  My prayer for tomorrow is that I feel better than today.  That my heart feels a little more solid.  That my body doesn’t burn with confusion and pain.  All I really want to do is unearth the skeletons that live in my soul and exorcise (I almost wrote exercise) the evil shit that haunts me.

I suppose that today’s story is yet unwritten.  And I think I need to be ok with that right now.

Bonus Fact:  When I was ten I used to steal flowers from peoples gardens and then sell them door to door, in the same neighborhoods that I stole them from.

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