Miss Mustang Josi

This is me, that is you.  Read or don’t.


Never in a hurry but always on time.

15 thoughts on “Miss Mustang Josi

  1. ms beautiful mustang josi, i stumbled upon your blog and am in love. thank you for being so boo-ti-fullllll……
    so much love’
    jenni jo pippi longstocking, strongest girl in the universe

  2. Josi!!! I love your blog. I pop in once in awhile to check it out and am always pleased. I like your style! Just wanted to let you know that you are cool and totally awesome ect ect ect. Hope you have a beautiful day.

  3. Josi-ism, more like Josi-brilliance…and of course, a ton of fun! I ❤ you…and I love reading your creations…keep up the dirty work sister. I miss you.

  4. I am moving to SL,UT in 2 months and I can’t help but wish you and I would once again be living in the same city…I am sure SL,UT would be even more pleasant with you and Annie around to teach me how to dress in the S-N-O-W next winter.

    The words and pics are beau-ti-ous as always. I have been keen to see how happy JH is making you. Your smile is gorgeous and your spirit reads light over these interwebs. Take care lovely lady.


  5. I think I was destined to find your weird little part of the web. I have the tattoo “illegitimi non carborundum.” see? see?! 😉 that’s not how I found you, of course, but how I knew we were connected by unicorn hairs.

  6. Awww Andrew Dice, it’s been far too long. I think I may have a spare acid-washed jean jacket in the wardrobe. Word.

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