You all serve somebody

“I don’t need to light the world on fire, I’m just trying to keep my nuts warm.”  Earnest Borgnine said this in an interview with Vanity Fair.  And you know folks, he’s got a point.  As a young little pony I was flush with the righteousness that is very much a part of youth.  Give a 15 year old pubescent, lonely, and wildly imaginative girl the complete works of Ayn Rand and see what that does to her.  Once a year or so I pretend to clean out my boxes of memories that I drag from house to house.  In doing so I inevitably end up cross legged pouring over my old journals.  When you realize that the reason you had no friends is because you insisted on discussing objectivism in a dystopian society, well, things just become a bit clearer.  The better part of my journals is my regurgitation of Rands staunch tirades against altruism and communism.  Two things of which I know very little first hand.  Eventually I stumbled on the unexpurgated diaries of Anais Nin and my passion was redirected towards that pursuit of torrid love affairs.  Which consisted of unrequited love followed by tormented nights of poetry writing and candle lit sessions of the auditory dry hump that is Enya.   And such is the journey of girl with a library card.  Years pass and the heat that once radiated from the bonfire of my youthful convictions is now just a slow warm breeze that just barely keeps my junk toasty.   I don’t seem to care as much about changing the world.  I suppose I never really did.  The romance of the fight, the up hill battle of major  metamorphosis was what my green little heart craved.  Grand scale shifts don’t really seem possible anyhow.  No one can agree on anything long enough to move our society towards anything but the edge.  I feel strongly that working towards things on a local level is the most effective, if everyone takes care of theirs then all things are taken care of.  Right?  Warm nuts for all.  I have never understood politics so I tend to focus on the frivolities like music, art, sex, revelry.  So imagine my surprise when I woke up one day and discovered that things are going bonkers out there.  Again, I am in the shade concerning the why’s and how’s of the current shit show we find ourselves in and part of me wants to stay that way.  Insert head into sand.  There is no real reason for me telling you this except to admit that I am now realizing that it is time for me to kick that bonfire of “give a shit” up again, maybe lend a little heat to a scene that needs some warmth.  I am starting this by getting involved in the fight to save Planned Parenthood.  Maybe next I will fly over to Egypt and set those kids straight.  But first things first.

On a side note, I want to thank everyone for the positive feed back.  I will do my best to keep this thing fresh and relevant.  I will try to stay on topic and not ramble off down the hills of my strange thought process.  As soon as I am not totally broke I will buy some more room on this thing and start posting music for y’all to down load.  In the mean time, I leave you with a quote from Ayn Rand and some images that I think are cool.

It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.
Ayn Rand

Oh goodness…

Red heads are the most beautiful creatures to walk the planet.  Aside from blonds.

Random Rab and Barisone…’s, muscle men, and makers of memories.

Went to a party this weekend with these two guys.  Let it suffice to say that it was a good ole time.  Check out Barisone’s musical stylings at  There are some great downloads on thurr.  Random Rab does is right…learn more about this incedible individual at

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